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Welcome to the world of stunning realism created by the brush of artist Dmitry Korman.

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About Art Dmitry

Dmitry Korman is a Russian artist and naturalized Swiss, born and educated in St Petersburg.

Welcome to the world of stunning realism – portraits, murals on walls or ceilings, and paintings on canvas, all done by the artist Dmitry Korman.

Some artworks presented here are bespoke (most portraits and all murals are), some are created to be exhibited and sold.

All artwork you see here is hand-painted in the centuries-old style of classical realism: no technology or modern tricks of any kind is ever used. Though the subjects may be contemporary (cars and other attributes of our century seen on canvas), the method of painting never is.

Dmitry’s portraits capture the very essence of his subject, the resemblance is always absolute – and portrait is known to be the most challenging of subjects for a painter. Portraits are often included in his murals if that be the customer's wish.

Murals don't always have to be painted directly on the wall: canvas can be stretched on the wall in the artist's studio, painted, then rolled and shipped anywhere in the world, or delivered personally by the artist.

Please feel free to contact Dmitry for a quote of a bespoke artwork, or for the price of a ready artwork.

Artist biography


2011 - 2013   Nevska Gallery, 456 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA,

2003 - 2004   Atelier Korman, 13, rue Dr. Cesar-Roux, Lausanne, Switzerland

2002 , online gallery. Exhibited oil paintings.

2002 (May-June) Collective exhibition, Florence, Italy, Galeria Mentana, “Calori dei Colori” (the warmth of colours) Piazza Mentana 2/3 r, 50122 Florence

2001           Centre Emil-Frey, Chemin de Closalet 19, 1023 Crissier, Switzerland

2001           Personal exhibition, Switzerland, Arcana Art, Route de Vevey 2, 1095 Lutry

1999 - 2000   Galerie Pacedo, 105 bis, rue de France, Nice

1999           Gallery Laurier, 5118 Dundas St. West, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

1999           Tux and Wally Gallery, 488 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1998           Personal exhibition, Central Plaza gallery, 15134 North Bluff Road, White Rock, B.C.            

1997           Oak Bay Village Gallery, Oak Bay, British Columbia, Canada


2003           Accepted as member of the Russian Artist’s Union.

Arts education

1982 - 1987  Apprentice and student of my father, Alexander Korman, a well-known Russian artist, then a distinguished member of the Artist’s Union and Arts Council of Leningrad, now living in Boston, U.S.A.

1978 - 1982  Fine Art School

Art School #7, Leningrad, Soviet Union